This Guided Meditation is an Activation for those who are awakening to the powerful connection & flow with their Highest Self & who are drawn to sacred self-mastery work.


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Activate your DIVINE EMBODIED FLOW WITH YOUR HIGHEST SELF & step into the SELF-LIBERATING AWARENESS necessary to maintain it.

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In this guided journey activation, you will …


DISCOVER the power of your Absolute Freedom & what it really is.

ACTIVATE the self-liberating awareness of it. 

EMBODY the sacred connection & flow with your Highest Self.

ENJOY its spiritual, emotional & physical benefits right away.

AND BE A PART OF a global movement of spiritual/emotional awakening co-creators who are holding the vibrational frequency of greater well-being, love & harmony for all humankind. 


This is an ACTIVATION from my 6-month program The Unstoppable Creatress.

It is at the heart of what I teach & share with my clients & students as we navigate what it means to connect & flow with the sacred energy of who we Truly Are. 

I have never shared this publicly before & have never shared it for free.

Please receive this from my heart in service for your divine unfolding & what you will do good in the world with it.

Also, please know that this is a vital part of my clients/students expansion & journey of embodying their True Sacred Self & Potential.

I’m excited to know how this blesses you & those that enter your life.

It is my mission to share these skills, values & virtues with the next wave of spiritual/emotional awakening co-creators of a New Earth.

Dare to BLESS this world with the sacred power of who you truly are!

In love and gratitude for your magnificence,

Ashvata Natasha